Move Planner

Before & after moving home planner and tips

Are you thinking about moving your home? If the thought of packing, moving all your belongings and settling into your new apartment makes you miserable, this post is for you. At Home Gift Card, we cater to all your home and lifestyle needs in one place. So, we’ve mentioned some steps below for you to follow, both before and after moving them to make the experience much easier. Lets begin..


Before moving home


1. Declutter your home

Cash is more useful than unwanted stuff. Whether it is your old house or your new one, get rid of all the unwanted stuff with Take My Junk or sell it on Dubizzle


2. Order boxes and packaging

If you're organising your own removals, now is a good time to get your packing supplies ordered. To keep costs down, try asking your local supermarkets for discarded cardboard boxes. Don't forget plenty of blankets and dust covers for any delicate furniture.

3. Find storage

If you need temporary storage and don't have a friend with an empty garage, start comparing units and costs. Bear in mind that the cheapest isn't necessarily the best. And it may be worth paying extra for storage that's closer to your new home. You can find some storage options on our website here.


4. Get removal quotes

As part of all the home gift card services, we offer free quotes from vendors. You can get a FREE removal quote here. Your key tip would be to not book removals until you have a fixed 'move in' date. You could end up losing money if you cancel!

5. Pack non-essentials

Now is an ideal time to pack items you're unlikely to miss for a few weeks, such as books, kitchen gadgets, and clothing that is out of season. Clear plastic boxes are handy as they're strong, you can see what's in them and some have wheels. Cardboard boxes are fine, but don't forget someone will have to lift them once they're full.

6. Arrange parking

Moving to a building with limited parking? Make sure you arrange sufficient parking for all your cars. In high-rises often apartments only get 1 parking space allocated. You may need to get on a Facebook group for the building to see if anyone has a spare car park space to rent.


7. Arrange moving out and moving in permits

Many areas and building require you to get the landlords and developers permissions for moving into and out of a building and villa in Dubai. Make sure you ask the building reception or security and arrange the necessary paperwork and permits.


8. Arrange DEWA setup

Make sure you contact Dubai Electric and Water Authority to setup your new connection. This has now been made easier by their new app available for free on the Google Play Store and Apple Store. Remember, you will need your Ejari and tenancy contract from the landlord to do so. For more details you can check out more about the DEWA setup here.  



9. Arrange TV, Internet and landline packages

You can usually shift your TV, internet and landline package contract with you, but if you're not under a contract, why not use this time to shop for a better deal in your new area? Whether you switch or stay with your current provider, keep in mind that setting up a service in your new home can take some time. Make sure you give your provider at least 30 days' notice, if you can. You could request to get TV, Internet and Landline setuphere.

10. Book the Deep Clean

Leave the dirty work to the professionals, book a deep clean ready for your move in here.


11. Get to know your neighbourhood 

The key part about settling into a new place is knowing who lives around you. If you are moving somewhere new, start your research on the neighbourhood in advance. Print out a map and ask anyone you know who's familiar with the area to mark the points of interest. Look online for public groups and see if you can get hold of a local newspaper. If you are looking to booking your newspaper delivery service, click here.


12. Redirect Post

Inform banks and other businesses of your change of address.


13. Cancel Deliveries and Services

It's time to stop or redirect any deliveries and services. Think window cleaners, gardeners, veg boxes and magazine or newspaper subscriptions.

14. Insure your new home

Don't forget to take care of insurance for items in your new home. You will need a Contents Policy Cover if you want to insure your belongings. For more details, you can look up our insurance options and get some quotes here.

15. Arrange care of children and pets

What about pets and children on the day of the move? If the kids will be at school, arrange drop-offs and pick-ups. You could also book cats and dogs into local catteries and kennels, adding a day either side of the move so as to spare them the stress (and you the worry!). Find a baby sitter here.

16. Finalise details with the removal company

Call the removals company to check the ‘move day’ details, such as arrival time and parking. Make sure you have your contents insurance in place to cover all belongings when they're in transit. This could be either from your provider or from the removal firm.

17. Defrost fridge freezer

Empty the fridge-freezer, switch it off and give it at least 24 hours to defrost. This way you can avoid having to chip at the ice with a knife.

18. Pack a first night box

Pack a first-night box. It might contain your phone charger, nightwear, toiletries, towels, wipes, tea bags, cups, milk, plus your child's favourite toy, and some painkillers just in case. And maybe a bottle of something to celebrate?

Move Day

1. Checkout and handover

Hand back exactly the same number of keys as you were given, and go through the inventory. Take photos and make notes if the letting agent or landlord alleges damage and you disagree. Fair ‘wear and tear' is permitted by law.

2. Collect keys

Collect the keys. Remember to find out what time the estate agent and landlord are available for collection of keys.

After the move

Once you’ve moved into your new home, best suited your comfort and requirements here are a tips that could come handy.

·      Find local schools

Looking for a new school or nursery? Find it here

·      Find Gyms

Want to join a new gym, play a new sport? You can look up some great options here.

·      Get more keys cut

For safety, always have more keys for your doors. You can get them cut at Minutes.

·      Get maids service

Arrange a maids service for your new home to keep it looking clean and fresh. Finding someone from a reliable source is always advisable. You could look up our some maid service companies and offers running here.

·      Get a maintenance company

Fix things in your home, from air conditioning to general maintenance requirements. Find vendors and offers here.

·      Look for new furniture

Look through our range of furniture shops, get an interior designer and get the look and feel your desire. 

·      Get new electronics

Get TVsWhite Goods and other essential electronics for your new home

·      Decorate your new place

Find a painter and decorator in order to put your personal touch on your new home here.

·      Get a gardener

Do you have a garden? Find and arrange a gardener to take care of your back yard here.

·      Water Delivery and purification setup

Arrange water delivery from one of the top companies who can also provide water units for your home. Look up all options here.

·      Get blinds and curtains fitted

Find a reliable and professional blinds and curtains company for your new home here.

·      Get a car

With lots of car rent options available in the market, you can rent or buy a car from a trusted provider here.

·      Discover Dubai

Keep busy! Find bars and restaurants and activities to do.

·      Relax

Destress after your move. Discover health and wellness here.